Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here We Go, Loop-de-Loop

I wonder if this guy played guitar.
   I just recently entered the fascinating world of Guitar Loopers.   If you have no idea what I am talking about, well.. neither do I.. at this moment.   I bought a BOSS RC-2 Loop Station guitar pedal from my friend Trent at Griffin's Guitars in Salisbury, NC.  It is reported to be an amazing guitar tool.   It basically captures phrases.. chord rhythm progressions, lead solo phrases, whatever you play into it on the guitar.. digitally stores it, and then plays it back, allowing you to play along with it, and add additional phrases or notes.  

My Boss RC-2 Loop Station Pedal
  I've seen similar devices showcased in video demos, and witnessed the wizardry and spectacular things it can do.  However, at this moment, I am staring at a 44-page owner's manual, and feeling quite confused.

  My goal in getting this piece of equipment centered around my occasional guitar performances, and normally finding it difficult to find other musicians to join me in practicing, jamming, and eventually playing somewhere.  So, oftentimes I am left alone to play by myself, and sometimes missing the fuller sound of other musicians around me, like a bass player, or drummer, or lead guitarist.

  This particular looping pedal has the capacity of 16 minutes of digital storage, and offers a vast array of drum tracks that are programmable.  You can layer guitar parts onto other guitar parts, and also delete and retrieve previous tracks.   I am sure there are so many other features that I have not even begun to discover yet.

  I know that eventually, maybe even soon, I will figure all of this out, and begin creating multi-dimensional music through this looping pedal.   For the moment, though, I am hoping that I can understand a word, a paragraph, or a page of this 44-page manual.  It'll happen.  I'll figure it out.  You just wait and see.. soon,  I will actually begin to enjoy it, and use my guitar looper in a new and wonderful way!

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